A Weekend of Breathwork and Mandala Meditation

with Sara Claire Curran


The mandala is a creative tool used to awaken to our radiant selves.

The breathwork is an energetic bodywork tool that provides us with direct access to our inner guide or healer.

  • We will provide a safe opportunity for you to step out of the rational and into the world of symbolism.
  • By utilizing two right-brained tools we are inviting the mystery and the magic.
  • Thus by welcoming your inner self you will be given access to your full inner potential.

By utilizing two powerful, stand alone tools of integration and individuation, you are invited into a creative process with many valued benefits.

Breathwork can help us access our inner knowing by encouraging the mental chatter to step aside for a brief vacation. During this hiatus from self-analysis, external authoritative input or incessant mental busyness and distraction, the soul can speak to us. It can deliver insights, blessed relief and inner peace. Often a path is revealed as to how to solve long or short-term problems, resolve decades of inner conflict, and heal childhood wounds. It is not uncommon to reconnect with a deep sense of joy, or to learn what your soul’s purpose really is. This is done in a safe and sacred space with trained facilitators, chakra attuned music and cyclical breathing. Mandala artwork and group processing are also a part of this powerful healing and growing experience.

Drawing a mandala can facilitate clarity, new insights and joy in your life. It brings you back to the present moment awareness where love and grace can enter. A Mandala is a pointer to who you are. It is a universal and archetypal symbol that emanates from the field of creative consciousness and interacts with your body, mind and spirit.

For more information, or to register for this special event Click Here and fill out the Contact Form I will contact you with prices times and location.

“It is the role of religious symbols to give a meaning to the life of man….Modern man does not understand how much his `rationalism´ (which has destroyed his capacity to respond to numious symbols and ideas) has put him at the mercy of the psychic `underworld´… We have stripped all things of their mystery and numinosity; nothing is holy any longer.”

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