Blue Bird House of Art

Located in the Whittier, North Carolina and dedicated to offering you heart centered paths toward

intentional self awareness,

inner clarity,

hope, and



      also known as the sacred circle

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In a safe supportive environment, explore the mysteries of the mandala process. Mandala, which means sacred circle in Sanskrit, has been used for centuries as a meditative and creative tool. The process combines science, art, and spirituality. As a certified mandala facilitator, Sara will help you explore a simple way to tap into and trust your inner light, wisdom, intuition, and connection with Spirit. Absolutely no artistic experience or skills are necessary for this process!

Benefits of the Mandala Process

You will:

  • Access your inner guidance for physical, mental and spiritual well-being
  • Discover how to reach inspired states of creativity
  • Find ways to reduce stress, anxiety and to increase self awareness
  • activate your FUN chakra!

Programs offered by Sara Claire

All sessions are non-comparative and non-competitive. Sara Claire creates a safe and liberating environment for everyone. Whether you are seeking a focused, rejuvenating creative time just for you, or questing for answers deep within, mandala sessions can help.

  • Two and a half hour single mandala sessions customized to any desired theme: loss, grief, death and dying, stress reduction, inner discovery, problem solving, acceptance, joy, gratitude and contentment.
  • One to one and a half day programs combining the centering and healing intentions of mandala circles with Shamanic Breathwork facilitation – truly transformative!
  • On-going series, meeting weekly or monthly as desired, private or groups of two or more.
  • Group sessions and weekend retreats, tailored to organizational or group needs.

Absolutely no artistic experience or skills are necessary for this process, and supplies are provided.

Come with an open mind and heart, along with a willingness to go within. You’ll be touched and amazed at what naturally unfolds.